Aqua Flow provides installation, repair or replacement of:

  • Hot water heaters
  • Tankless water heaters
  • Water softeners
  • Instant hot water dispenser
  • Water filtration/reverse osmosis

Basic installation of the same size ( up to 52 Gal.), same type (gas, electric or propane) water heater in the same location of the existing water heater in the home includes: Pick-up and delivery of new same style, size and type of water heater; Unpacking of new water heater and removal of packing boxes/crates; Draining of existing water heater; Removal and disposal of existing water heater; Disconnection of dielectric unions; Removal of unions on gas line and gas piping or shut off power and remove electric line; Disconnect flue piping at top of water heater; Set new water heater in place; Install new dielectric unions; Reconnect gas line to water heater gas valve up to 3 fittings total or reconnect electric line to new heater; Screw existing flue pipe to draft diverter on top of water heater; Perform water heater start up; Fill water heater and light pilot, turn on power; Bleed air from water lines at closest fixture; Bleed air from gas line if needed; Set thermostat at factory recommended setting; Cleanup work area and removal of all debris upon completion of installation; Check for water and gas leaks before leaving job site.

To diagnose the problem for water softeners, we test the hardness of the water, and make a recommendation based on those findings.